Why FBP Sourcing


India is an essential Production kingdom in the world, Particularly in Asia Continent.

Especially, Textile industry is booming extremely than what we expected. Last year Annual report confirmed, India Total Textile Export value is $ 47.5 Billion which was $32.8 Billion in 2012 ($15 Billion has increased in the Past 3 Years and it will be increased in near future).


Tirupur accounts for 90 % of India's cotton knitwear export, worth an estimated of more than 1 Billion US$ (Exporting more than 500 million pieces per year).

Global Buyers from 35 countries frequently visits Tirupur regularly. Tirupur can deliver customized samples in less than 2 days. And around 60% of India's total knitwear exports come from Tirupur. The Export Import Policy of 2002-07 makes laudable tribute to Tirupur for its contribution to the export efforts and calls it a "Town of Export".


Client – Vendor Relationship

Exploring more with the Customer and detailing the needs of the customer with the supplier plays a important point in reducing the rejection rates. FBP is making Customer and Supplier to be happy by helping them both to understand each other view in the final product.

Cost Effectiveness

We have as many sources as possible in hand about the suppliers and the deep area of their specialization in manufacturing. If a Customer approaches for a specific product, FBP will give wide details of the manufacturer and their specialization and how competitively a Customer can finalize their Price without compromising quality.

Quality Assurance

"Product quality" plays an important role in all aspects. The reputation of the FBP is determined on the product what we have sourced from the suppliers. We have an internal team of Quality assurance people to meet the needs of the Customer and then to ship the products from the supplier end.

Timely Delivery

FBP gives the best to ensure on time delivery. Once when the order is placed with the supplier then the FBP will become a Buyer's office at the supplier end. FBP will follow up the production in daily aspects and will educate the supplier with all the needs to ensure on time delivery.

Effective Communication

We bridge the communication gap between the manufacturer and buyer. We act on behalf of the buyer, undertake all activities on the behalf of the buyer and assist for a hassle free buying process.